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“Faisal is by far the best watercolourist from Pakistan. His boldness in a medium that keeps away most artists due to the difficulty it poses in controlling it is simply outstanding. Being an Architect by training, he is able to naturally capture street-scapes and old heritage buildings with effortless mastery. With a strong individual style of painting, Faisal has fearlessly captured the attention of watercolour lovers globally and continues to place himself amongst the leading contemporary watercolourists with awe inspiring masterpieces. Many of his works have highlighted the plight of neglect with old heritage buildings in Pakistan in documenting their fad

Hameed Haroon*

CEO Dawn/ Author/ Art Collector and Critic

*The writer is not related to Faisal Haroon by far.

“It gives me immense pleasure to write about one of the most talented architects who is also one of the finest watercolorist of Pakistan. As a teacher and practitioner, I have seen generations of architects, and it is very rare for an architect to also have such command over water coloring. I can safely say Haroon Faisal is one of the most creative and extraordinary artists of our time. Water coloring is a very difficult undertaking because in order to achieve excellence one has to be not only skilful, but one has to travel a lot within the country and abroad to gain exposure and perfect the skill. It is only with passion (junoon) and the nature of a darvaish that one can reach at the level of excellence that Haroon is at the moment. Last year I invited him to conduct a workshop with my students on water coloring. For the students it was an excellent experience to learn from a master. As his teacher it is indeed a proud moment when your student joins the rank of a master. He is a true example on National College of arts motto “Kasb e Kamal kun ke aziz e jahan Shavi,” (seek excellence through your work so that the world starts to love and admire you).”


Professor Architures, BNU

“Having seen Faisal since his early days at NCA, I have noticed in him qualities such as seriousness, passion, commitment & hardwork, having also noticed the special kind of involvement he had in the mediums he used, watercolours being the highlight. I have been an admirer of his works and multi-disciplinary talents throughout his career, but coming across his recent works, I observed a kind of spontaneity which stands as evidence of the level of one mastery in the medium which happens to be the most challenging of all in fine arts. He uses his own experiences alongside his architectural sensibility, documenting time in way not too distant from that of a traveller. His ability to openly carry on being multi-disciplinary and keep on surprising us often makes me think of some of his talents that are probably yet to unfold. Very few artists make a mark for themselves in a medium. Faisal is clearly one of those who is already well on his way to being one of such artists for watercolours in Pakistan.”

R.M. Naeem

– Artist/Professor at Fine Arts Department, National College of Arts, Lahore

“Trained as an architect Faisal Haroon has incorporated architectural spaces in his watercolour paintings with effortless mastery. Recently he has demonstrated a stunning ability with painting horses, a subject that only a handful of artists can take up with confidence. Today he is no doubt the top watercolourist from Pakistan and beginnng to make his mark globally. He captures streetscapes and heritage sites in his works in a manner of applying brush strokes with striking minimalism. To be able to paint the feeling of a subject is no easy task and Faisal achieves that with awe inspiring works that have adorned many prestigious collections here and abroad. He has demonstrated his skill and God given talent by introducing a new dimension to the medium by not just following the age old traditional ways but infusing watercolours with a bold contemporary feel. He is the artist to look out for.

Zulfiqar Ali Zulfi 

Artist & Director (Lahore Arts Council, Alhmara, Recipient of the President Pride of Performance award).

Faisal Haroon