Faisal believes that Watercolors is the big daddy of all mediums in Art. “It is closest to human nature which has a beautiful mystery to it. You just never know how it will end up. You keep controlling the little you can and then the result just has a final mind of its own. If it turns out nice you feel an elation like no other.”

Faisal is a trained architect and went to National College of Arts in Lahore and then for Masters to McGill University. To his credit is one of the most prestigious buildings built in Pakistan, The School of Science and Engineering at Lahore University of Management Sciences. He has also worked in Media, setting up a satellite television channel and was CEO for over 5 years. He runs a Production House but his true passion is painting watercolors. ‘Nothing beats watercolors as a challenge if you want to survive in today’s world which is loaded with extreme messages all around. You keep resolving and solving...Painting, art and music is the only way to keep your sanity and the heart filled with love as you simplify the messages all around you.’

Dry pastels and ink washes are something Faisal has also enjoyed. He has held a solo exhibition at the prestigious Alhamra Art Gallery in Lahore. Faisal often travels to Europe to paint with his watercolor friends and attend workshops. ‘You are always learning with watercolors and depending on how much you crave for them determines the gradient of that learning curve. It is truly a lifelong commitment.’